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    MyHomebrew Shop

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    About Us

    Mattock Lane Homebrew Store, T.A. MyHomebrewStore, has been established for over 30 years, as one of the most famous stores in the Ealing area of London. We have the complete resource for making your own beer, wine or cider at home. We stock all major brands, guides, ingredients, kits and equipment to help you make your own successful homebrew.

    Our Heritage

    Our shop has an interesting history behind it. The ‘Mattock Lane – Homebrew Store’ was established in 1980 and over the years it has become a very popular shop in the local area, serving a huge customer base. In 1985 the premises of the ‘Homebrew Store’ was purchased by an entrepreneurial pharmacist – Hiten Patel, who wanted to establish a pharmacy at the same location. However, the business of ‘Homebrew Store’ and its heritage was so strong that Hiten decided to dedicate an entire section of his pharmacy to continue stocking the homebrew products and continued to maintain its heritage. Today the ‘Homebrew Store’ still does its business from the same pharmacy premises – ‘Mattock Lane Pharmacy’ in Ealing, London. Our staff is well informed about the homebrew products and are happy to help with any questions our customers may have.

    Here to Help

    Customer service is one of our top priorities and we are able to help and guide customers make their own homebrew. If you want to make an inquiry, you can come and visit us in store, e-mail us on orders@myhomebrewstore.co.uk , phone us directly on 020 8567 9153 or simply fill in the inquiry form under the CONTACT US section

    Happy Homebrewing smile copy