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    Delivery Times and Schedule

    At the time of finalising your order, you will be given two options for the delivery schedule:

    1. Pick up from the shop; or

    2. Home Delivery

    You can either choose to pick up your order directly from our shop FREE of delivery charge, or choose the Home Delivery option where the delivery charge will be calculated automatically based on the weight of the total order.

    Once we receive your successful order, and you have been sent an acknowledgement email from us indicating that we have processed your order, we aim to deliver the products to you within a reasonable time frame, usually within 2 to 5 working days. Delivery dates are not part of the contract. We will however make best effort to meet the delivery dates and schedule.

    If for any reason, we have sent you the acknowledgement email that we have processed your order and you have still not received it within 10 working days, please contact us immediately.

    We use a ‘signed for’ courier service for delivering your order and are not responsible for any delays in delivery of your order if the courier tries to deliver the order to your delivery address and no one is present at that address to take the delivery. In such cases, the courier may try again to deliver or leave a contact card to inform you that they have tried to deliver your order. If for any reason the courier cannot deliver the order to your delivery address, they would send your order back to us. This will incur a surcharge to re-arrange the delivery and the surcharge will be payable by you. In such cases we will contact you again to re-arrange the delivery and take the payment of the re-delivery surcharge.

    Once we receive your successful order which you have chosen to pick up from our shop (or if you have any glass items in your order that you have to pick up from our shop) we will contact you and inform you when the order is ready for collection.

    If you would like to arrange a special delivery on a specific day (working day) and time that suites you, please call us in the shop to discuss and place your order. We will make all possible effort to arrange a suitable delivery for you at a reasonable cost. Please note that the delivery arranged for Saturday will incur a surcharge and you will need to call us to arrange the special Saturday delivery.


    Delivery Charges

    The delivery charge for your order is calculated on the basis of the total combined weight of the items purchased.

    This charge will be displayed at the time you finalise the payment of your order on our website. The delivery charges are classed under the following weight categories:

    1. Under 1 Kg weight: £4.00

    2. 1 Kg to under 5 Kg weight: £6.50

    3. 5 Kg to under 10 Kg weight: £8.50

    4. 10 Kg to 15 Kg weight: £11.00

    5. Over 15 Kg weight: Calculated based upon multiples of the above four categories.

    For example, if the total weight of all the items in your order is 15.5 kg, the delivery charge will be £15.00 (i.e. £11.00 + £4.00).

    You can also pick up your order directly from our shop FREE of delivery charge.


    Non Deliverable Glass Items

    Please note we do not deliver glass items; however you can purchase these items from our website and pick them up from our shop. The glass items that we do not deliver are listed below:

    S.No. Glass Item Name
    1 Demi John (1 gallon)
    2 Wine Bottles Clear (case of 15)
    3 Wine Bottles Green (case of 15)
    4 Carboy
    5 Amber Swing Bottles (case of 12)
    6 Beer Bottles (case of 15)